Kegiatan Partai Perindo-23-03-2016, HT lantik 50 DPC se-provinsi Kalimantan Utara

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  24. i love this! i’d never actually heard of this until this week and now this makes the second time. my second grader told us that they got “boo-ed” at school and rodney and i were like, “oh that’s mean.” then he explained that a kid from another classroom did the whole doorbell ditch thing and left treats and how they all do it to each other. :)it didn’t even dawn on me to do this with the neighbours, but will definitely take halloween to new neighbourly heights this year!

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  88. “The people are simple citizens…” it is “elitist” statements like this that give people a negative view of public school teachers and the NEA. Remember, the vast majority of these “simple citiizens” were educated in public schools.

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