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  753. Excellent gifing! I like Fauxlivia's baddassery. Olivia is still my favorite version of herself, but I still like Fauxlivia. And I ship Lincoln/Everyone, so there's no conflict for me!

  754. Correlary: The auto manufacturers have no Patch Tuesday mechanism – and in fact probably bought the components from a much smaller 3rd party supplier.The half life of any of these vulnerabilities will be measured in years, not weeks.I guess I'll be looking into that GTO after all …

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  757. Aaaw…how scary! My oldest had it before but didn’t have the high fever which was odd. He had a low-grade fever for a couple of days. He did have the rash afterwards. I guess we lucked out that he wasn’t lethargic or didn’t eat b/c he was toddler business as usual. Glad she’s feeling better though!

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  759. And on the acting note, I liked Takers. Sure Chris’ role could really have been played by any athletic young black star, but it isn’t like he wasn’t effective. If Chris does more legitimate movies (non-teeny bopper bullshit) I think that he will be considered more of a legitimate star.

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  761. It’s very cute! And a great way to use sock yarn scraps! Even better when the recipient thinks it is pretty! That makes darning in all those ends worthwhile!

  762. So great to meet you, Sheila! =) That’s so great to hear that you’ve heard a lot about Peru. I didn’t know anything about it (not even about Machu Picchu) until I actually arrived here. =P Hope you do get a chance to visit Huancayo!